What is a Probate?

Generally speaking, ‘probate’ is the name given to the administration and execution of a will when someone dies. In other words, the legal process whereby someone’s wishes are carried out. FSK Solicitors provide an expert Probate service, whereby our ‘Executors’ provide the following services:

  • Extract the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Probate Office of the High Court of Northern Ireland
  • Collect the assets of the Estate
  • Pay liabilities or debts of the Estate
  • Deal with Inheritance Tax returns and payments
  • Distribute the money to the Beneficiaries.
Our specialist probate solicitors have many years of experience helping clients apply for a grant of probate and the other associated processes. We understand that the administering of a will maybe the furthest thing from your mind during this difficult time, as such, our expert solicitors will handle your Probate with the ultimate in discretion and sensitivity.