In a changing world, we know the growing importance that Islamic finance plays in the global economy.

Islamic finance has been developing rapidly in Ireland and the government has taken a leading role in its promotion. FSK Solicitors is one of few active Irish law firms when it comes to advising clients on Islamic finance in Ireland.

Newcomers to Islamic Finance and existing participants alike face a whole host of challenges that they must successfully navigate to structure, document and complete transactions in accordance with Shariah principles. These challenges include appropriately allocating legal, commercial and Shariah risks between parties and ensuring that transactions, products and services which purport to be Shariah compliant do not breach any Shariah prohibitions.

Our experts can help you deal with the unique challenges you face as a party to a Shariah compliant transaction and are experienced in advising on all Shariah compliant structures, including Ijara, Istisna’a, Manafa’a, Mudarabah, Murabaha, Musharaka, Tawarruq and Wakala. We advise across a whole host of products and services including real estate finance, asset finance, trade finance, project finance and debt restructurings.

We make sure finance is delivered on your terms. We are amongst a small number of solicitors firms in Ireland who genuinely understand Islamic finance.



Our approach to Shariah-compliant finance

Many followers of Islam expect their financial arrangements, regardless of whether they are linked to their personal or business goals, to be conducted in a way that is sympathetic with their faith. In the past, the opportunity to do this was quite restricted in Ireland. Now banks, alternative finance provider and corporate can provide facilities or conduct transactions in full compliance with Sharia law.

Our dedicated team of Islamic law specialists is backed by extensive experience advising banks, funds and corporates on how to structure and manage financial transactions and arrangements. We also help individuals to realise their ambitions by buying commercial or residential property in the Ireland and overseas or making other planned investments.

We offer technical knowledge of Irish law in conventional and Islamic finance transactions combined with an in-depth understanding of the principles of Sharia. As such, we are uniquely positioned to truly understand your aspirations and deliver results. We can provide Islamic property law expertise and support for your individual beliefs.

Being based in central Dublin – the heart of Dublin’s legal and financial hub –  our Solicitors are accessible and able to meet with you.