Separation & Divorce

We understand that the breakdown of a marriage can be a difficult and painful experience. The emotional and financial pressures are often acute, particularly in the case of longer-lasting marriages. The parties can often find it difficult to see a clear way ahead – particularly where young children, property and financial arrangements are concerned. Having clear, objective and practical legal advice from specialist family lawyers makes all the difference. At FSK Solicitors, we have acquired a particular expertise in Family Law by representing clients in divorces and separations with cross border dimensions involving trusts, complex corporate structures and high-value assets spread across several jurisdictions. Our Family Law solicitors are trained family mediators and collaborative lawyers and can offer collaborative law as an alternative to an adversarial process, if the parties are agreeable.

As specialist divorce and family law solicitors in Ireland, we can provide expert divorce and family law advice and representations for all types of divorce and family law matters. Our experienced divorce / family law solicitors, have wealth of knowledge and extensive experience to provide  divorce and family law advice and representations concerning vast range of divorce and family law matters. As one of the top divorce lawyers, our experienced and highly qualified divorce lawyers and family law solicitors have helped large number of clients with their divorce and family law matters successfully.