Criminal law

Our criminal defence solicitors are fearless in protecting our clients’ interests. We are at the forefront of criminal defence work, constantly deploying groundbreaking legal, human rights and public interest arguments and scientific evidence on behalf of our clients. We have extensive, complex case experience in the highest courts, and our approach to criminal defence work has meant that we have successfully shaped some of the most celebrated criminal cases in recent history. All of our team chose to work at FSK Solicitors because we are committed to criminal defence work, and to the way in which FSK Solicitors carry this out on our clients’ behalf. Members of the FSK Solicitors Criminal Law Team frequently defend in the most serious and high profile cases.

We are experienced at managing and advising on the media publicity these cases often attract, and which, we know, can be one of the most distressing aspects of being prosecuted. Of course, we also act in cases where there is no publicity, but where the issues and potential consequences for our clients are equally serious, and in all our cases we are aware of the personal strain that can be involved.